Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I use a Spawish Gift Certificate/Card?

To search for locations accepting Spawish Gift Certificates/Cards by city, state or zip code, visit

How do I redeem a Spawish Gift Certificate/Card?

Spawish Certificates/Cards hold a live value once purchased and can be redeemed by the participating location of your choice. Please always present your Spawish Gift Certificates/Cards upon arrival to your appointment, before your service.

Do Spawish Gift Certificates/Cards expire or lose value over time?

Spawish Gift Certificates/Cards do not expire nor will their value depreciate over time. If valid through date has passed call for a new card 1-888-349-6241. Please refer to the terms and conditions printed on your Gift Certificate/card.

Can I redeem my Spawish Gift Certificate/Card at a location that is not listed on

Spawish Certificates/Cards can only be used at locations listed on Unfortunately, if a spa or salon facility is not listed on the Spawish website to accept our certificates/cards, we cannot expect it to participate.

What if the location I found on would not accept my Spawish Gift Certificate/Card?

Businesses listed on Spawish should accept Spawish Gift Certificates/Cards. Please contact Spawish’s customer service at 1-866-569-0449, or email to file this complaint, and we will work with you to find a resolution to the issue.

I was given a Spawish Gift Certificate/Card, but it has another person’s name on it. Am I still able to use it?

A valid Spawish Gift Certificate/Card may be used by the holder regardless of the name on the entity, as our certificates/cards are transferable.

Can Spawish Single-Use Gift Certificates/Cards be used more than once?

Spawish Gift Certificates/Cards are for one-time use. If the value of the gift certificate/card exceeds the cost of services, some locations are able to issue a store credit for the remaining balance. Please refer to the terms and conditions printed on your Gift Certificate/card.


What does the expiration date on the Multi-Use gift card reflect?

For instance if it states 12/26, it means you can use the card until December 2026. The number reflects Month and Year.

What are the benefits of the Multi-Use card?

  • Spawish’s new multi-use card provides:
    Easy use of the card at all of your favorite locations. To view and book participating locations, please visit for list of locations.
  • You can use this card at more than one location, if there are any funds left on the card. Keep the card after your service to use the remaining funds, if any, towards other services.

What if I have an older Single-Use Spawish card?

No worries! These cards are also still accepted at Partner locations.

What’s different about this new Spawish Multi-Use card?

This new card should be returned to you if there is any balance left on the card. Keep the card after your service. If there are any funds left, you can use the remaining funds towards another service at any participating locations.

How do I check my balance or transaction history on either one of these cards?

For balance check or transaction history visit this page, call 1-888-349-6241 or visit

How will I know the location accepts a multi-use card?

Businesses listed on should accept Spawish Gift Certificates/Cards. Please contact Spawish’s customer service at 1-866-569-0449, or email for a list of participating locations.

What happens if I have two cards?

Please indicate at the facility you are visiting that you have two cards. If the cost of service is greater than the single-use card, we recommend you use it fully there and then charge the rest on the multi-use card.


If I purchased a Spawish Gift Certificate/Card that is to be emailed to a gift recipient at a later date, when will my credit card be charged?

The credit card entered at the time of purchase is charged immediately after the order is approved.

I attempted to place an order online but my order was rejected. What should I do?

Many different factors can lead to a rejected or reviewed online order. If your order is not approved immediately, please submit a request by going to our Contact Us page or call at 1-833-429-9480, so we may assess the reason and help you with your order processing.

Can refunds be issued for Spawish Gift Certificates/Cards?

Spawish Gift Certificates/Cards are treated as cash and are therefore non-refundable.

How can I track a Spawish Gift Card after purchase?

If the intended recipient does not receive their Gift Card, please contact support at 1-833-429-9480 or by going to our Contact Us and submitting a request.

Can I change the value of my order or change the eGift Card design after I have made my purchase?

Unfortunately, our gift certificate/card orders cannot be re-formatted from one version to another once already processed or delivered


I sent a Spawish eGift Card to the wrong email address. Can this be corrected?

Please contact support at 1-833-429-9480 or by going to our Contact Us and submitting a request.
If I lost my Spawish eGift Card before gifting it, can the certificate/card be printed again?
A Spawish eGift Card may be printed as many times as desired. The card is transferable but is not replaceable if lost or stolen and should be treated as cash.

How can I confirm the email address of the gift recipient where my Spawish eGift Card was delivered?

Please contact support at 1-833-429-9480 or by going to our Contact Us  and submitting a request.


My promotional code was not applied to the total charges in my order. Can my discount be applied?

All valid promotional codes entered should be applied towards total purchase and discount should be applied before proceeding to checkout, unless otherwise indicated on the promotional terms and conditions. Please contact support at 1-833-429-9480 or by going to our Contact Us  and submitting a request if you need assistance with your code.

Can promotional codes be combined?

Only one promotional code can be applied to any given order at a time, unless otherwise specified on the promotion terms and conditions.

Can I use my Spawish Gift Certificate/Card at a location for a special promotion or deal advertised through the location?

You are able to use your gift certificate/card for special promotions, products or services at some locations but not at all locations; we recommend checking with the location before making any appointments or reservations if you wish to use your card to purchase special promotions, products or services.

Customer Service/Contacting Spawish

Can I change the amount on the Spawish Gift Certificate/Card that I just purchased?
We are unable to change the gift certificate/card amount or face-value once the transaction is complete.

How do I contact Spawish customer service?

Spawish’s customer service team are available from 7:00 am to 11:00pm EST 1-833-429-9480. Inquiries that require escalated research are handled by our corporate office, at 1-866-569-0449, Monday – Friday, from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST, and also by emailing Email inquiries sent outside of that timeframe are answered over the next business day.


Can Spawish Gift Certificates/Cards be used for gratuities or tips?

Please check with the individual location at the time you make a reservation, as this is a decision made by partnering properties at their own discretion.

May I use a Spawish Gift Certificate/Card at, or may I exchange my Spawish Gift Certificate/Card for a Spafinder Gift Certificate/Card, or vice versa?

While Spawish and Spafinder are partner companies, they are separate brands that are not interchangeable for the time being.